Best 90s games

Soon the next game Tomb Raider will be released, and this is a very good reason to vacuum the old titles, which we have played the most. Or else-we will play best 90s games!

Game from the 90s

Game from the 90sWe don’t know how the success of Tomb Raider was a quality game-play, and how the character of Lara Croft, the first virtual character, which definitely was shooting invisible best 90s games players. Importantly, that this released in the first time in 1996 name was sold (of course, we are talking here about all parts of) in about 60 million copies of, Lara has become an icon pop culture and heroine films, cartoons and books. You know the Angelina Jolie version, but someone remembers Ron Mitra, the first official model of the game?

Tomb Raider is one game from the 90s, everything else in our computer childhood is second. This is not the top ten cheap games – this is the breath to which we have the greatest feelings. Plus Lara Croft, you know.

The fastest racing car in the world waited in the 90s for four views: Road & Track Presents: the Need for Speed (1994), Need for Speed II (1997), Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998) and Need for Speed: Road Challenge (1999). Today is the background, but when I got the unit, industry shaking car arcade from Sega may games.

Need for Speed stood out against their background versatility – the game from the 90s was not difficult, three-dimensional effects were surprising, well, the possibility of law enforcement along the beaches or in the Alps did their own. We’ve always taken Lamborghini Diablo. In addition, Need for Speed was a classic of the then gamers who brought the format of today’s YouTube into reality. Read: a typical Greg invited friends from the class to the game, and then an hour later showed his friends how the additional routes.

90’s games

Forget about the other parts of FIFA, we have something better for you. It means worse 90’s games, but more emotional. Yes, it’s reasonable football. Since the fourth part, the game has been released on Amiga and DOS, and it is the four, reasonable world of football that has probably been the most popular. It was possible to choose specific leagues and play in a few seasons, which as in 1994 was not so obvious. It’s nothing that the players looked like points. Championship Manager was much better, FIFA-known (especially 98!), but most of us started with Sensible anyway.

90's gamesIn the beginning came only on slot machines, but the dark glory of Mortal Kombat was so great that in the near future this title appeared in every home. To the horror of the parents, who were frightened by the degree of cruelty of the 90’s games. It was possible to play alone or in a duet, and most of those who played Mortal Kombat, the word credit today is not necessarily related to banking. In 1995 the film was released, but what is joy to watch as they fight others. FATALITY!

We are unable to say whether Baldur’s Gate really saved the much unpopular in the second half of the 90s. the RPG genre. We remember that gaming in the 90s from the first days of sale over this name All melted. Not surprisingly, because in those days it was incredibly epic, refined to the smallest detail of the game, in addition to the main storyline offered a number of side streams. That’s a lot to say here, Baldur’s Gate took away hundreds of hours of great tricks from us, during which we could do much cooler.

Gaming in the 90s

Although it is not. Not so many fun things, like playing Baldur’s gate. Before you hit the road, you need to assemble a team…

Gaming in the 90sApparently, Silent Hill was so climate, because the possibility of the first PlayStation would not run the visual fireworks, well, it is the Japanese gaming in the 90s of Konami put on the fog and dullness. Effect? For that apologized for all the shit from fear. Silent Hill was struck by the most delicate point of all, who is afraid of horror: nobody knew, where evil lurks. We are most afraid of the unknown, and this game confirms it. And already the real fun began when it was lit at night.

More innovative FPS was Doom, previously also released Wolfenstein 3D… but somehow the biggest 90 video games nostalgia engulfs us at Quake. Three-dimensional pattern relating to the literature (the player had to fight with the monster Coats-Niggurath, inspired by the works of the masters of horror H. P. Lovecraft) and music written by the then biggest star in the alternative, by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. But even better were the two, especially in the multiplayer version. They say that this title he laid the Foundation for e-sport.

90 video games

And here we assume that many of you probably still play Starcraft from time to time. Blizzard released the monster game in 1998, a name that changes the face of the 90 video games business, however, what we’re talking about here, as Starcraft sold 4.5 million examplers in South Korea’s 50 million. For such things came up with multiplayer.

90 video gamesYes, objectively it is, perhaps, one of the best games of that time. The axis of the lead was the hero Gordon Freeman, a silent 90s games man with a crowbar who didn’t play heroism but simply tried to get away from the black Mesa complex. A lot of tension, an amazing plot (the intrigue was very expanded), demanding opponents and really thick atmosphere – we played it like wild. And to think that for Valve Studio, Half-Life was a debut!

We’re a little overreacting, because this game was released in 1989, but let’s agree – we tend to associate it with the cheapest. It wasn’t just a platformer; the main character, and basically its animation, was based on the movements of a real person, a certain David Captured – Jordan’s brother, the game’s developers. Within an hour it was necessary to release the Princess from the hands of the vizier, so the vision of the struggle for the woman only shot the then gamers. Years later, the film was shot, but today is a good 90s games day, and we won’t spoil it by writing about bad things.

In the era of computerization and the development of information technology, computer games have become an extremely popular pastime. They are used not only by children and adolescents but also by adults. However, despite so much interest, information about their negative effects comes to us all the time.

Stormy discussions about computer games are endless, but let us consider whether all their allegations are correct? Are they really the curse of today’s civilization, or maybe the eighth wonder of the world?

Another group of people playing are those that treat computer games as a hobby

Player stereotype

Hearing the term “computer player”, the first image that appears before our eyes is usually a teenager who sits in front of a computer day and night, addicted to the Internet. Research conducted in the United States shows that the most common players are men in the age group 35 – 54 years, usually married and with high incomes.

Their life is not as colorful as it may seem, because often these people are introverted, have problems with establishing social contacts, and also struggle with overweight and depression. However, this is an image of a typical fanatic of this entertainment.

Another group of people playing are those that treat computer games as a hobby

Another group of people playing are those that treat computer games as a hobby. After all, they are put together with addicts and considered as disconnected from the reality of maniacs who have all the shelves filled with game boxes.

These players are very discriminated against in comparison to other predilections. Athletes, musicians, filmmakers, painters and many other enthusiasts, enjoy considerable respect among the public, arouse admiration and admiration, and can count on support in pursuing the goal.

Computer games, like any new invention, have their negative sides and can actually carry some danger

When it comes to computer players, it is just the opposite. This is mainly because the results of their tastes are not as impressive as in other cases. The highest score in a given game or a huge collection of games will never gain such a high recognition as, for example, a piece of music or a sculpture.

Computer games, like any new invention, have their negative sides and can actually carry some danger

Nobody pays attention to how much time and knowledge requires this seemingly trivial hobby. Besides, you also need to realize that computer games can be one of many loves and there are a lot of people who do not just cling to this one hobby.

Often players play a rich social life, they are socially active or they do some sport discipline, which completely distinguishes them from the prevailing stereotype.

Computer games – a drug of modern times.

Computer games, like any new invention, have their negative sides and can actually carry some danger. The most vulnerable group here are primarily children and adolescents, because they do not yet have sufficiently shaped emotional maturity and resistance to manipulation attempts.

Attempts to make them similar to the hero from your favorite game can lead to real goals through violence

They may also have a problem with distinguishing the real world from fiction. The biggest threat to this group are action games such as “shooters” or “brawls”. The grit of aggression, violence and cruelty that is contained in them has a significant impact on the psyche of teenagers who actively participate in various types of crimes.

The gratification received in the game for the brutal murder of a human being and desecration of the corpses stimulates the formation of a disturbed system of values of young people and the blurring of the border between good and evil. Attempts to make them similar to the hero from your favorite game can lead to real goals through violence.

Attempts to make them similar to the hero from your favorite game can lead to real goals through violence

This is confirmed by the results of research carried out by A. Gała, which shows that boys using games filled with violence have a problem with establishing positive social contacts, and their relationships with other people are dominated by indifference and physical and verbal aggression.

And here are the signs that can be found on the packaging of many computer games (taken from the official PEGI website – Pan European Game Information).

He reacted with aggression to his attempts to distract him from the game. – However, you must be consistent. If someone is addicted to heroin, the condition for getting out of the addiction is to cut him off the drug. Here, too, there was no other way – explains Mariusz Jędrzejko. In order to alleviate the effects of the withdrawal of the toy, which became the whole life for the boy, the therapist infected him with the passion of playing … ping-pong.

It was about finding a job that on the one hand would be dynamic and on the other let it succeed, because it increases the chances of overcoming addiction.

It turned out that the ping-pong was a hit, because the boy had a flair for it – he admits with a smile and adds that today the teenager uses a computer, but the game has a ruthless barrier. Escape to the virtual Prof. Jędrzejko believes that addiction usually occurs when a person can not achieve success in other fields. – It was similar to this boy. He did not manage at school, so he found a job that made him feel important. The teenager, thanks to his successes, could become a leader for a 40-year-old, and that reinforced his self-esteem. That’s why he spent hours playing, not to be dethroned – he explains. – You certainly will not hear from me that addicts are bad people.

They are victims of public anesthesia.

They did not find support in it, so they were looking for a substitute in games – he argues. But addiction to games concerns not only children.

To the office of prof. Jędrzejki, for example, found an attorney who spent whole days playing RPG games (one or more players play the roles of fictional characters). – He could play until he fell, sometimes spending even 12 hours in front of the computer. He unloaded his frustrations and aggression on his wife. He could not understand that she did not share his passion and did not want to play with him – says the therapist.

They are victims of public anesthesia.

To die from losing Doctor Andrzej Augustynek there is no doubt that games are created just to make addiction. – They are more popular, the more their creators have more profits, for example, from subscriptions that buy players, or from the sale of gadgets that enjoy no less popularity – says the psychologist. Filled with aggression and sometimes pornography of the game should include signs that they are not intended for children. – The problem is that many kids do not buy them, but download them from the internet. And then all you need to do is click on the statement that you are 18 or older, and access to even the most brutal games is open to them – he concludes.

Record holders can spend tens of hours in front of the monitor

Record holders can spend tens of hours in front of the monitor – without food, drink or sleep. A few days ago, 18-year-old Tajwańczyk died, who for 40 hours played in the Internet cafe in his favorite action game. A similar fate was met by a 28-year-old resident of South Korea, who died after over 50 hours of the game due to heart failure. A few weeks before he died, he left work to … have even more time to play.

Record holders can spend tens of hours in front of the monitorResearchers at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw are studying how cognitive training works, both traditional and computer-based. Can games help fight brain degenerative diseases?

The laboratory most often uses the StarCraft strategic game. As head of GamesLab Aneta Brzezicka said, the players “perform very hard mental work, have to absorb a lot of information, plan a long-term strategy”.

People who do not play games are invited to the tests, or they do it less than six hours a week.

Such images cause havoc in the psyche of young people. – Once, we were approached by 6-year-olds who were to paint how they imagine the school of their dreams – recalls Jadwiga Lech from the Municipal Public Library. – I was dumbfounded when I saw in a drawing one of the toddlers flying projectiles and bombs, which, as the boy said, they were about to explode and kill the monkeys, which he also painted.

To the fact that the kids who reach the library are very excitedI could not understand where in such a small boy there could be so much aggression – he shakes his head in disbelief. Mrs. Jadwiga suspects that the behavior of a child could have been the result of using aggressive computer games from an early age and watching violent movies. To the fact that the kids who reach the library are very excited and sometimes even aggressive, Mrs. Jadwiga has already got used to it. – I think some come to us when they get a barrier to use the computer at home. They probably hope that if there are computers, they will be able to play with us – says the librarian.

Theoretically, kids can not play violent shooters in the library. It turns out, however, that their jam is so great that sometimes they even manage to overcome the barriers created by security guards. – When we approach to check what they are doing, they immediately frighten and pretend that they are doing something completely different – says Jadwiga Lech. – We try to avoid such situations, because games do not lead to anything good. All you need to do is look at what happened in Denver – the librarian is answering.

I am a Joker. The tragedy that took place last week at the Batman night premiere, shook not only America. In the shooting, which was made by the 24-year-old James Holmes, 12 people were killed and 58 injured. The bomber appeared in the cinema in goggles, a gas mask and a black bulletproof vest. It did not arouse anyone’s suspicion, because there were plenty of people dressed as Batman in the hall. The bomber appeared in the cinema in goggles

After stopping, Holmes told the police that he was a Joker (a mad criminal from films about Batman who had murdered people in an elaborate manner – ed.). According to Professor Mariusz Jędrzejki, the assassin exhibits symptoms of the so-called depersonalization. – Media reports show that he was fascinated by films about Batman, and that in his case the boundary between reality and fiction could have blurred.

It may have seemed to him that he was in fact the hero of the film and therefore committed a crime – believes Professor Jędrzejko. The media has speculated that Holmes’s desperate move could have pushed the brutal computer games he was a fan of.

Sometimes aggressive behaviors from the virtual world transfer to everyday life.

The boundaries between these two worlds blur so much that they even blow in the same way as the heroes of their favorite games do – says the professor. – Anyway, it happened in history that the game fan went a step further, killing in the real world – he adds. This was during the high-profile massacre at Columbine High School near Denver in April 1999. Two teenage school students shot twelve peers and one teacher, and 24 people injured. The perpetrators committed suicide before the police arrived.

One of the teenage murderers left notes, which showed that his goal is to destroy everything that stands in his way. He claimed that he must turn off his feelings and kill every creature he encountered with cold blood, just like the monsters of Doom, in which he played with passion. Extreme case of addiction to games with which Prof. Jędrzejko, is an 11-year-old boy who was convinced that he is the Big Mandorf – the hero of his favorite computer game.

Parents were disturbed by the fact that the son sits in his room for hours and that he becomes more and more like the hero he was fascinated with.

When the boy appeared in my office, he was wearing a mum’s coat too much for a long time, a headgear reminiscent of the Star Wars hero, and he had a painted broomstick in his hand and claimed it was a luminous sword. He even moved exactly like his hero – recalls the professor. Initially, the boy did not react when the therapist addressed him differently than: The Great Mandorfie.

The latest Bethesda game is opened with a pathetic, colorful movie full of beautiful slogans about the need to extend the human species, introduce a new order, rebuild the world and similar platitudes. This is not even an intentional joke, because at the end of the intro smiling jegoście marched towards the sun starting from the shelter. As if mutants and beasts did not prowl behind the gates, only green grass grew … unthinkable, yet!

Let’s go back to Fallout 3 for a while, in which Bethesda was still sticking to the brand’s style. The game world was very dark and spectacularly climatic. For example: mutants caught on dialogue talked about how long to cook human meat. Many of the buildings taken over by them could easily be used as locations for horror movies: trolleys filled with flesh, human balls hung from bullets, walls smeared with viscera, heads sapped on rods and so on.

A 12-14-year-old girl appears on the screen.

The player avatar has to hunt her, rape her, and finally quart her. This is the story of one of the popular computer games among youth.  A 12-14-year-old girl appears on the screen.

Setting people on fire, cutting off their heads and urinating on corpses or car races, in which the one who manages to drive as many people as possible – on such “games” spends hours of many teenagers, sometimes even children. According to the psychologist doctor Andrzej Augustynek, computer games are the psychosis of the 21st century. – They can cause delusion and detachment from the real world. It also happens that players observe certain patterns of behavior, such as violence, and then transfer them to the real world – a psychologist enumerates.

The most vulnerable to learning aggression are children between 6 and 10 years of age.

It usually starts inconspicuously, from computer games in which the world of the child quickly drips completely. Later on, it is the turn of the network, which thanks to the connected computer give the opportunity to face the virtual space with other hungry users of bloody entertainment. You can not see the difference – people addicted to games treat the virtual reality as seriously as possible. If they win, they are accompanied by euphoria, when they lose, they sometimes fall into depression – says prof. Mariusz Jędrzejko from Mazowiecki Center for Addiction Prevention.

I used to talk to a 14-year-old boy who, under the influence of games, started to use violence against his peers.

He did not see the difference between the virtual and real world and convinced me that nothing like that happens. He thought that even if he hurt somebody, just like in the game – just turn it on again and the opponent will be in full strength again – says the professor. Brutal computer games affect the young person’s psyche even more strongly than the films he watches.

The game is interactive, so its participants themselves become the perpetrators of virtual violence, deciding, for example, how to kill an opponent. And creators’ ingenuity has no limits. – I saw a game, for example, where a girl appears on the monitor, about 12-14 years old. The player avatar has to hunt her down, rape her, and finally quart her – describes the controversial storyline of Dr. Andrzej Augustynek.

Studio Bethesda and Todd Howard once tried to bring justice to the spirit of the world of Black Isle Studios, but now, it would seem, they cut themselves off from it fully. Leaving only iconic elements of the brand, throwing them into a whirl of a colorful, modern style.

The only question is: is it Fallout of the new times?

At the outset, I would like to emphasize that this is not a text about the game itself, its performance quality and gameplay. I do not intend to make any verdicts. Initial impressions on our site have already been committed by Adam and you can read them at this address, and when it comes to the review, due to errors and constantly appearing updates, we are still working on it.

My goal is to share with you the opinion on which direction Todd Howard is heading and how far he has moved away in recent years from the achievements of Black Isle Studios, which several years ago started the whole cycle of Fallout. And he got so far away that the Black Island, from which the brand comes … you can not even see it.

The only question is: is it Fallout of the new times?

As usual, the devil is in the details. In the last period I started Fallout 4 again and I have been playing in this title for a few weeks now. As a reminder, I also decided to check Fallout 3 and have a look at what the first two installments of the series looked like, for which Black Isle Studios was responsible.

As much as you would like to write: “heaven and earth”. I’m not talking about gameplay, which has changed and I do not have a problem with it, but about the climate. A powerful contrast can be felt starting from the video opening both games. It is quite different than in the case of incarnations made by Bethesda.

Opening dark, brutal and controversial these days

The first Fallout inaugurates a scene in which American soldiers kill a Canadian in the name of “promoting” democracy and annexation of the country by the United States. They shoot him in the head and wave “happily” to the camera. Opening dark, brutal and controversial these days. But that was Fallout a dozen years ago. Bad, ugly, dirty, showing the dark side of human nature and war. Fallout was to tell the story of humanity after the inexorably approaching nuclear war. A world in which everyone, even the most organized person, can become ruthless as a result of circumstances that happen to him.

It was supposed to have an ironic overtone in which American, colorful propaganda clashes with the nuclear reality, where life goes completely different. And this climate was maintained until the third part of the series, in which man was also only a small cog in a bleak, gray and brutal world. And how does Fallout 76 start? How is it promoted? How is “stylized”?

Concerned parents seek help from a psychologist, but often only when children are heavily dependent on playing: when they have muscle atrophy from sitting at the computer, when they do not go to school, they do not wash and eat for many days.

When they are isolated from the computer, they appear withdrawal symptoms: aggression, irritability, insomnia, physiological reactions, such as, for example, trembling, depression and even suicide attempts.

Playing computer games becomes the most important activity in a child’s life

How to recognize addiction to computer games?

Playing computer games becomes the most important activity in a child’s life. The child spends more time playing computer games, he gives up from previous activities (meetings with family and peers, learning).

Abstinence symptoms – ceasing to play computer games causes unpleasant well-being, irritability and even uncontrollable aggression. Conflict – a person enters into conflict with his or her immediate environment, most often with parents, due to involvement in computer games.

Playing computer games becomes the most important activity in a child's life

Drastic changes in mood – experiencing either a good mood and well-being, or a sense of numbness, impotence. Recurrence – after a period of self-control, and even complete cessation of computer games, returns to the earlier pathological use of games appear.

There is not much research on addiction to computer games. Most of the information comes from psychological and psychiatric observation and practice.

It seems that the world of computer games can be particularly appealing to frustrated people, low self-esteem, and those who do not have good relationships with parents.

In computer games there are pornographic, satanic and content that are a threat to physical health

These people in computer games can experience a sense of power, strength, sense of influence on the fate of others, in the virtual world of games can realize many dreams and desires, and above all, do not experience the danger of being rejected or humiliated. The world of computer games is therefore an ideal world to escape the difficult reality.

In computer games there are pornographic, satanic and content that are a threat to physical health. Pornographic images and animations are usually an addition to the game or a form of reward for moving to the next stage.

There are also pornographic games based on the principles of “computer dating”, in which the aim is to flirt with a virtual partner or partner to make her ready for sexual intercourse and fulfill in this way your erotic fantasies.

In computer games there are pornographic, satanic and content that are a threat to physical health

An extremely worrying aspect of computer games is also exploitation in their scenarios elements with a clearly satanic character. In this way, children get used to the symbolism of Satanism and over time they perceive it as a positive element, because specific Satanic symbols often mean places where, for example, secret passages, lockers containing weapons and other “good” for the player.

Apart from the negative impact of computer games on the psyche of children and adolescents, it should also be noted that many hours of spending time at the computer adversely affect their physical development. First of all, computer games are replacing pro health forms of spending time – doing sports, walking and playing outdoors.

Parents and educators should first of all be aware that children do not need electronic toys to be happy

Doctors of various specialties indicate that computer games can cause permanent deterioration of the eyesight, rheumatic complaints, numbness of fingers and hands, imprints, tendon pain, excessive agitation manifested by elevated blood pressure, hand tremors, muscle at hip and spine atrophy, postural defects, curvature spinal column, damage to the central nervous system.

Parents and educators should first of all be aware that children do not need electronic toys to be happy

To protect children from the harmful effects of computer games, parents and educators should be well versed in the impact of computer games and types of games available on the market. Only then can they consciously supervise the direction of children’s development and, above all, teach them sensible and the critical use of computer games from the very beginning.

  • Parents should know what games their children are playing.
  • Parents should determine the rules on which games children can use.
  • The child should use computer games only if when parents are at home.
  • Parents should strictly limit the time spent at the computer.
  • 5. Apply the principle: first duties, then the computer.
  • 6.More often invite the home of a child’s colleague and friends. Show other forms of spending free time. More time to spend with the child.

Parents and educators should first of all be aware that children do not need electronic toys to be happy. They most need love, understanding, kind care and interest on the part of adults. And this is probably the only way to protect your child from the adverse effects of computer games and other media.