The top titles to grace Sony’s handheld

Portable Sony console after almost a year of presence on the market has already quite a rich collection of titles. We present those that you should not miss.


LittleBigPlanetThis game was great on PlayStation 3. It seems to be an ordinary platformer, but great opportunities to create your own levels (and play these made by people from all over the world), and even mini-games, excellent cooperation and – importantly – surprisingly joyful climate is not allowed to come off. Pocket version is not worse, and the management works perfectly. Holding, shifting and stretching objects is very convenient.

If you think jumping and solving puzzles is for kids, sit in the editor and create your own level. It’s easy, and the satisfaction is great. Especially since Vita can take photos and then use them when designing your cardboard and stickers. Trifle, but happy.

Mortal Kombat – one of the most famous fights in history took place the worst and best moments, but the new history of 2011 guaranteed her return to glory. The Vita version also definitely applies to these best parts of the cycle. A bloody cycle full of torn spines and people braided with acid. Yes, well, you guessed it, the game is for adults.

Great combination of classic and modern: objects and characters, of course, volume, but the battle takes place in two dimensions, as in the first games of the series. As in the good old fatalities (very cruel finishes that apply after emptying the opponent’s energy bar), as well as new x-Ray strikes. If you remember the old part, happy powitacie good friends, for example, Raidena, Scorpii Lee, johnny cage. In total, more than 30 characters, including guests: Kratos from the God of War series and the famous character of horror films, Freddy Krueger.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 – The Golden

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 – The GoldenSomething for no fans. It’s a role-playing game where we have to do, among other things, the right time planning between school and friends. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Don’t worry, is that a duck?. In the village of Inaba, which gets the main character, there is a series of murders. Still not enough impressions? What about the fact that through the TV screen the guy manages to penetrate into an alternative reality in which mysterious creatures live, called shadows?

Japanese-style Erpeg provides over 60 hours of play. Even if we do not like this specific genre, it is worth trying, because it is one of the most interesting representatives, not only for portable consoles. The name charmed Japanese and American players, the European premiere will have to wait a few more weeks.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – the legendary Japanese series skradanek with a plot so strange that have long ceased to understand it, even the writers, also landed on PS Vita. And it’s right in the package: MGS HD Collection – two parts of the game: the second and third game in the series, familiar with the PlayStation 2. The packaging provides long hours of play and it is quite varied. For example, in the three we get into the jungle, which, of course, has an impact on the gameplay. If you do not like to hide in the bushes, you can not cope The top titles to grace Sony’s handheld.

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack – something for the lovers of jelly. Hero… that’s it. Jelly-like creature. It absorbs more objects and grows. At the same time makes a giant chaos throughout the neighborhood. Sometimes, to go further, you need to fill: stick to the surface or use special skills. Throw in that powerful dose of humor and comic graphics, and … you have a recipe for hits.

Uncharted: The Golden Abyss

Uncharted: The Golden AbyssNathan Drake made a splash on the PlayStation 3. I’m a big fan of the series, and I’m not afraid to argue that it’s for games that Indiana Jones was for movies. A mixture of platformers and skirmishes with a pinch of adventure falls sensationally, and for this Golden abyss must necessarily boast of a fantastic Polish language version. For me, at least, the voice of Dorothy Gardias working.

This time a little younger than ever, Nathan goes to Panama and… what’s not happening there. Most of all, perhaps, shooting, but not enough moments of quiet intelligence. Like any series Of the Golden Abyss, it does a great job. No boring moments. Only, sometimes, the necessary moments breathing.

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – another interesting fact, from Japan. I hope the original title, Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV Zennin Shibou Desu, sounds amazing. This is an intriguing, insanely strange przygodówka, in which our task is to escape from one magazine. Meanwhile, we will solve a whole bunch of unreal puzzles. There’s a man with us in this place, eight other people. All take part in a little sick fun, the rules of which explain … virtual rabbit.

In addition to solving puzzles, it is also necessary to make moral choices. The fact that we have decided to cooperate with this person or maybe it once affects the course of events and will lead us to one of several available endings.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony – a puzzle game that has already made a splash on other platforms. Gameplay rules seem trite simple: we clear the Board by matching falling blocks. Yeah, almost like in Tetrisie so the pads colorful, we create a combo of I… it’s damn eye-catching.

In the Vita version, even more avatars appear that use their special abilities to help us achieve the goal. And all this happens in the rhythm of beautiful music, by the way, The Chemical Brothers.

Super Stardust Delta – we’ve known for years. Actually: from the first games. Flying a spaceship and shooting. In this case — for asteroids. Absolutely arcade game that does not make you think deeper about anything. And yet the creators managed to refresh the known formula and make it SIP.

They enjoy the details. When we shake the console, we’ll fire a powerful bomb. The attack power can be controlled by holding the rear touchpad accordingly. You will find a lot of different types of weapons. And besides: what does this game look like…

Rayman Origins – amazing platform game. In the old style, although with a cute visual environment, which look new games with envy. Caricature projects form a bit like modern movies, Cartoon Network, but fans of the first Rayman will certainly recognize his unique style. At the Crossroads of dreams, a fairyland created by God himself, the pole, you can fall in love. And the animation movements of the characters looks with distrust.

If you think that the gameplay, which consists in pędzeniu to the right, collecting power-UPS and flipping opponents on the head is boring, it means that… well, probably not played in Rayman Origins. Heroes acquire new skills (even sensational cuts), waiting for underwater stages or those in which we get a big mosquito … a lot is happening!

The queue is waiting for the following premieres: at least Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force Lee Sly Cooper: Thieves in time. It looks like it will be something to play!

Ten Of The Best Mortal Kombat Fatalities Ever

Mortal Kombat-a series of fighting games in which one of the hallmarks were the so-called Fatalities, that is, spectacular and bloody blows ending in this fight. Here are ten of those that we thought were the cruelest. Our material about najbrutalniejszych Fatalities in the Mortal Kombat series, you can see in full glory above in the form. In the text we have placed only screenshots and their description.

Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)The Mortal Kombat series has been with us since 1992. It was 27 years ago that her first game appeared on slot machines, which instantly became famous primarily because of the powerful dose of violence and realistic, as in those years, the template used. In the game, almost every moment we have witnessed very cruel blows, beheadings and buckets of blood, splashing on all sides. This dose of violence, especially are highlighted in bold strokes ending that could be done after the defeat of the enemy. These attacks, called Fatalities, have become one of the business cards of the cycle. Today we decided to take a look at 10 of the most courageous of them.

The statement starts with a real classic, namely an attack that has already appeared in the first installment of the series and is performed by sub-zero – one of the most popular heroes in Mortal’s history. This ice-wielding ninja warrior puts on simplicity – his most characteristic Lethality is to deprive the enemy’s head… along with the spine. Simple, effective and long-lasting. Unsurprisingly, this trick is also back in a few more parts of the game.

Kung Lao (Mortal Kombat 9) – You know the character of Oddjob, one of the opponents of James bond in the film Goldfinger? This villain used his hat as a weapon. A similar solution in too Kung Lao, and his killer headdress is used in the above Lethality. The warrior throws the twisted hat to the ground and then stretches the opponent through it-cutting it into two bloody pieces.

Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat 9)

Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat 9)Quan Chi made its debut in the 1997 game Mortal Kombat 4, which is the first three-dimensional part of the series. This is a wizard, and, therefore, a character who is not identified with the power of the physical. His Fatalities are not powstydziłyby, but the heroes are much stronger and more muscular. The magician pulls out his opponenty limb and begins to put it on your head for as long as the skull will not crack.

Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat II) – Another wizard, but still spectacular Ten Of The Best Mortal Kombat Fatalities Ever. Shang Tsung takes over the body of the enemy and explodes it from the inside, why comrade spectacular explosion of blood and everything else that remains of the unfortunate. Today, this finisher does not make such an impression of an outdated frame (Mortal Kombat II is almost 26 years old), but at the time of launch it was something really memorable.

Noob Saibot (Mortal Kombat 9) – This is definitely one of the most creative attacks ending in the history of the Mortal Kombat series. Noob Saibot calls his clone and with it they grab the enemy’s legs and arms, and then tear it into two parts. The real icing on the cake here is triumphant outside of the warrior-along with his copy he keeps the remnants from the torn enemy.

Ermac (Mortal Kombat X) – And since we’re at creative finiszerach, this time is very witty Fatalities from Mortal Kombat X performed by Ermaca. The warrior uses their skills and using telekinesis lifts the opponent into the air, where several times he dials, and then… he pulls the guts out through his mouth, takes it in a little cramp and kicks it to the ground. To cons dead opponent all the time hanging in the background, like a Ghost doll.

Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat X)

Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat X)The exact opposite is the attack performed by johnny cage in the same part of the game. Ne has too much grace in it, it’s a lot of strength and violence. Cage knocks the enemy to the ground, grabs his head and begins to instantly hit him on the ground until his face will not be only a bloody pulp.

Smoke (Mortal Kombat 9) – The first few seconds of exceptionally ugly. Here, the Smoke, touching two fingers to the forehead of the enemy. This, however, is a Mortal Kombat series, so this is obviously not the end. After a while, the opponent starts to literally boil from within, and we have witnessed his disappearing skin and screams that, as sensitive players, can revive nightmares.

Mileena (Mortal Kombat X) – Looking at Milina, you might think that her main weapon is two SAI daggers. How dangerous, however, her teeth hiding under the hood. And they play an important role in Lethality as the exact name “Tasty Treat”, which means”Delicious Delicacy”. Mileena literally tears the opponent’s stomach with her bare hands and then begins to consume his insides when he is still alive. Ow!

Triborg (Mortal Kombat X) – Here, developers and artists from the Studio NetherRealm seduced themselves with maximum creativity. Fatalities performed Triborga is not only unusual, but can not deny him a little bit… humor’s. The cyborg warrior transforms here into a real death machine, which attracts the enemy, links with a hook to a rotating saw blade, and then slowly crushes his body, squeezing them into the shape of a small cube in which you can clearly see the face of the unfortunate…

This year the Mortal Kombat series returns due to the next, eleventh, already views. The game debuts in April 2019 on PC And PlayStation 4 and Xboksie One consoles, and in the future also on Nintendo Switch. You can expect even better and more realistic graphic design, combined with developer experience, this time we’ll get even more glamorous and brutal finishers. Some anticipation of this was the debut trailer for Mortal Kombat 11, which was unveiled during the 2018 Game Awards event.

An Uneven Retro Romp

To the point! This is not an overview of modern Moloch, where the name you will see in six hours. The only question to ask ourselves if we lack experience in the yellow-blue legend is “do I make sure every brand, regardless of its flexibility, goes with time?”. If that’s the case, and through “platformer” we understand either the translation of a creature’s game, fight mental illness (Celeste), or the appropriate mixed exposition of a Hollow Knight – style potion, or dozens of other wonderful things that arcades have achieved in recent years – Mega Man (just, not just “eleven”) – is not for us. If not, and in all of this cyberbullying, we also appreciate – where it makes real sense – reasonable conservatism, Mega Man might be for us. Accurate, and here not think even, sorry. I know that they play, and read, rather, in order to compare their experiences.

Some new stage gimmicks are a lot of fun

Some new stage gimmicks are a lot of funSome might think I’m breaking my rules to defend a position that doesn’t deserve it. The opposite of the never Nude would love her gently “destroyed”. I appreciate the diversity of the industry. Mega Man has been heading for decades in many directions, let’s not forget that. However, in this most fundamental sub-series at best … he backed off. The last two hits, which allowed the birth of an independent scene, took away the comforting hero of all he had acquired since the eighties.

Namely, slip and load, the more powerful the shot. Because it didn’t fucking happen. In addition, the binding retreated to the nes era. As if someone shouted menacingly “after all, we all know that the news of this game does not serve!”. This guy was Keiji the Inafune. Someone who, after leaving Capcom, created a “modern response” to Blue Bomber, Mighty No. 9.

Now, when working on “eleven friends” allowed fresh blood (Kojiego Ode, who worked on the last Striderem or Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins), something shuddered. Not that Mega Man has suddenly changed. As you have certainly learned from the higher paragraphs-it should not change. But refresh the classic formula enough to break the curse, and (FINALLY) decidedly differ from the rest of the Canon. And restored rage and charged shot.

Endearing personality of the series

Endearing personality of the seriesHe also put on modern three-dimensional graphics with elements of target shading. Stonowaną is enough to not pay attention to it at all – which in such a difficult title we consider a plus – but also beautiful enough to want to embrace all these wonderful backgrounds, enemy models, small bosses and animations of the main thieves. That, supposedly, in a simple game of “run to the side, jump, shoot” no one cares about graphics, phi. Have You Seen Cooped? Well. Now Mega Man can foreground ancient pyramids, dark power plants, some overly manicured, bright sewers, just enjoying the eyes. And since the visual oversaturation in no way affects the basic gameplay, no one in his right mind will not scold him.

Visits to the beautician waited for all components of the Megaman tradition, that is, also the role shell. Real character voices (Mrs. shopkeeper will start to despise faster than you think), several dialogues drawn Intro. Calm down, it’s not Mega Man X or other attritions, the story is only for the next encounter with Dr. Wiley’s army to be its own narrative rice. Starts in accordance with the forecasts and classically ends. Wily will beg for forgiveness on his knees. And he will Mega Man 11 Review – An Uneven Retro Romp.

And will antagonist “represents”, if this uprising. A small scenario focuses on explaining the origin of a new toy of the same name hero. Even if it wasn’t properly necessary. In theory, with Double Gear do not need to use, but how do the levels, as well as crowning their brawl with the leaders are designed so as to do it without interruption

Double Gear System never seems quite as useful as you want it to be

Double Gear System never seems quite as useful as you want it to beDouble Gear System. Time dilation (one trigger), force increase (second trigger) or both at the same time, if we approach the DNA of the belt, energy, such a last jerk. Sounds like convenience or an attempt to lure frightened levels of yellow-dandelion problem. By no means-there are four levels of difficulty. In theory, with Double Gear do not need to use, but how the levels (insanely long in opposition to the classics), and crowned their brawl with the leaders are designed to do it without interruption. Look only at the eyes when the corresponding belt is charged. In several places, the game will specifically become an encrypted obstacle course, which either old – fashioned leaves on the sheet, recouping the process of starting the Board from the beginning, or you will use a new toy and, most likely, barely-learn.

This gives huge advantages, especially in combination with the evidence of the series – guns of dead bosses. If Tundra Man (you no longer have to worry about maintaining the old rule of wacky robot master names) in the fall has left us his ice storm, an attack spanning vertical space above and below Heros (insanely useful), the new system’s “overclocking” version will cover the entire screen, most likely destroying all opponents. Double Gear becomes such a devil trigger with DMC. On the second pass did not imagine, do not use it at every step. I wouldn’t mind him staying with the series longer.

The last “big” change touched szuflowania weapons-in addition to the classic version, that is the selection from the pause menu, also pressing in real time and circle with all the skills assigned to the right analog knob (as in Ratchet & Clank). Reasonably, intuitively. I’m curious how much I’ll miss it the next time I shoot Legacy Collection.

I am not a reviewer accepting the mandatory unsubscribe of all new items in the title question (I have a YouTube for that). This conservative character of the Capcom series caused such a game. If you can add to ” typical Mega Mana, “then here’s the perfect visualization of”eleven.” All the rest are schemes almost as old as the whole growa industry. Eight main levels and three additional, with the mandatory disposal of all bosses, and even completely unnecessary back yellow guy, which is still with all my heart hate), a lot of arcade tests, a few new gray hair on the chin (because the head is no longer, unfortunately). Mega Man 11. Eleven. Here success is the fact that it was possible to hold on to this moment.

Fortunately, it’s essentially a higher shelf design. The levels, however, use several banałów-ice surfaces, better diving, appearing and disappearing platforms-however, from different configurations squeeze very much. Well, they all have a unique character, even a balloon-circus cub bounce Mana. For the first time in history, I also had the opportunity to pass a blue bomber without being able to take advantage of the Internet tip. Then I guessed, what acquisition after the boss will be the strongest on the following. And satisfaction from the right choice, reduced fight for some 80%, gave a good charge of endorphins. The first credits I saw, after more than five hours (though I confess – walked around the stage a bit to get enough amount of screws for really useful improvements). But not removed from the game. I even have plans to check my own borders at a higher level of complexity.

The history of game consoles is the second generation, it is with Atari 2600

Few people in General, and even more so in our country, had to deal with the first generation of consoles. For people living in Poland who had the good fortune to have generous families abroad, or some other miracle, they managed to get a good is usually considered to be absolutely exclusive, the history of consoles, as a rule, begins from the Atari 2600, i.e. second generation.

Enough of Tennis

The beginning of the second half of the seventies is a small crisis in the home entertainment industry, conceived as a video game. The United States, and there was basically a market for consoles, was flooded with a huge number of machines for the “pong”, which characterized the first generation. At the beginning quite expensive, they were finally sold out even at a loss to the manufacturer, who was afraid that he would soon be left with a warehouse full of equipment that no one would want. The client needs something else.

Enough of TennisFor the first game console of the second generation is considered the equipment of the company Fairchild Semiconductor, which was originally sold as VES. This equipment had a full microprocessor and the games were stored on a ROM located on the cartridges. Thanks to this, it was possible to finally create new games, after the release of the equipment to the market. Fairchild VES, or Fairchild Channel F, as it was later called, appeared in the US in November 1976. Wait, wait, why did you change the name? Out of fear to have mercy on their device hardware Atari. Meanwhile, you need to be afraid was not to be mistaken…

Atari, who released her new equipment. The era of “pong” contributed to this company, which froze something more. Less than a year after Fairchild, the Atari 2600 (originally the Atari VCS) appeared in September 1977. Konsolka was also equipped with a microprocessor, and the game will start through the imprisonment of criminals cartridges, saved code issued by the team equipment. WspółczesnośćJ equipment sold, and these standards, in large quantities. A small price difference, in relation to Fairchild equipment (about $ 30), to the detriment of the new console did not turn customers.

Large Atari 2600

However, I ran out a bit into the future. It should be noted that the fight for the client’s heart and wallet was quite peaceful, at least until the moment when Atari released Space Invader (in the 1980s). For the first time it was possible to talk about a real “seller system”. Thanks to the conversion of hit arcade machines, sales of the Atari 2600 soared up.

Large Atari 2600Then for the first time it became known how much for the console can mean one jackpot. During its long-term presence in the market Atari 2600 was sold in a space of 30 million copies (Fairchild Channel F, which appeared on the market faster, there were barely a quarter of a million buyers). Every time something threatened the dominance of this equipment, the manufacturer just pulled out another great game. Well, at least until the crash. Wait, wait, wait, I’ve gone too far again. In turn.

Do not think, however, that the entire market has absorbed the genius of the Atari 2600. There was no shortage of other equipment-many companies were still getting good jobs after the pong times, while others felt the opportunity to make big money. The creation and launch of the console market was not in those days as painful a task as it is today.

So, we have RCA Studio II, there were no controllers, and in some ways, with buttons on the console itself (sic!). Magnavox Odyssey 2 came out, from a company we owe the first console in history – selling two million devices. Finally, there was Mattel’s Intellivision, a serious contender for the fight with Atari. Eventually, about three million copies of this equipment were sold, which dominated over 2,600 in terms of quality of sensations, audio-visual. There was also Coleco Vision (500,000 copies) and a strange Vectrex showing vector graphics. However, all these inventions, and there were many in the company, cannot be measured with Atari equipment.

“Third party developer”? Who’s that for? Who needs it? The second generation of consoles is also the moment when another new phenomenon is born in the world of video games. The emergence of independent developers. When I write ” independent, “I mean something completely different than today’s”India.” For the first time, there are people who want to create games and have nothing to do with the console manufacturer.

But not only

But not onlyThe first independent developer was Activision, founded in 1979 by former Atari employees. David crane, Larry Kaplan, Alan Miller, and Bob Whitehead demanded that their then employer treat the game as a Creator rather than a craftsman-they wanted, in particular, royalties from profits from the sale and labeling of games by the names of the developersHistory of the Atari 2600 VCS met with refusal, so they went on their own, later brought to the market, in particular, a well-selling Trap. None of them work today for the company they founded many years ago.

“Go on its”, of course, was possible precisely thanks to cartridges. The ability to create software that didn’t need to be shipped with the hardware changed the approach to the theme. However, games on external media indirectly contributed, however, to the creation of names for one person-because it was possible to program artificial intelligence, to create new unique obstacles to overcome.

It was for the best. Development studios flourished, money flowed in a wide stream. Unfortunately, in subsequent years, this ET-Gamehistoria behind every crash. Greed.

Atari and other developers began to release worse games. The console maker tried to prevent this by battling Activision for blocking the ability to sell independent software, but the case ended in a settlement. Its made a great surveillance cameras, which was to release a useless version of Pac-Mana and the game, which is considered the largest gniota of all time-of course, widely advertised.

Customers were terribly disappointed and closed their wallets. It has made competition in the form of personal computers slowly spreading, as well as flooding the market with many consoles from small manufacturers. These last massively finished production, or they just went bankrupt. Games previously sold for a few tens of dollars, overdue in baskets with sales, despite the decline in prices several times. The crash began in 1983,and a little earlier, in 1982, Atari released its new console – the Atari 5200. The effect was what the buyers found … a million. A terrible fall.