As usual, the devil is in the details

Studio Bethesda and Todd Howard once tried to bring justice to the spirit of the world of Black Isle Studios, but now, it would seem, they cut themselves off from it fully. Leaving only iconic elements of the brand, throwing them into a whirl of a colorful, modern style.

The only question is: is it Fallout of the new times?

At the outset, I would like to emphasize that this is not a text about the game itself, its performance quality and gameplay. I do not intend to make any verdicts. Initial impressions on our site have already been committed by Adam and you can read them at this address, and when it comes to the review, due to errors and constantly appearing updates, we are still working on it.

My goal is to share with you the opinion on which direction Todd Howard is heading and how far he has moved away in recent years from the achievements of Black Isle Studios, which several years ago started the whole cycle of Fallout. And he got so far away that the Black Island, from which the brand comes … you can not even see it.

The only question is: is it Fallout of the new times?

As usual, the devil is in the details. In the last period I started Fallout 4 again and I have been playing in this title for a few weeks now. As a reminder, I also decided to check Fallout 3 and have a look at what the first two installments of the series looked like, for which Black Isle Studios was responsible.

As much as you would like to write: “heaven and earth”. I’m not talking about gameplay, which has changed and I do not have a problem with it, but about the climate. A powerful contrast can be felt starting from the video opening both games. It is quite different than in the case of incarnations made by Bethesda.

Opening dark, brutal and controversial these days

The first Fallout inaugurates a scene in which American soldiers kill a Canadian in the name of “promoting” democracy and annexation of the country by the United States. They shoot him in the head and wave “happily” to the camera. Opening dark, brutal and controversial these days. But that was Fallout a dozen years ago. Bad, ugly, dirty, showing the dark side of human nature and war. Fallout was to tell the story of humanity after the inexorably approaching nuclear war. A world in which everyone, even the most organized person, can become ruthless as a result of circumstances that happen to him.

It was supposed to have an ironic overtone in which American, colorful propaganda clashes with the nuclear reality, where life goes completely different. And this climate was maintained until the third part of the series, in which man was also only a small cog in a bleak, gray and brutal world. And how does Fallout 76 start? How is it promoted? How is “stylized”?

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