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Soon the next game Tomb Raider will be released, and this is a very good reason to vacuum the old titles, which we have played the most. Or else-we will play best 90s games!

Game from the 90s

Game from the 90sWe don’t know how the success of Tomb Raider was a quality game-play, and how the character of Lara Croft, the first virtual character, which definitely was shooting invisible best 90s games players. Importantly, that this released in the first time in 1996 name was sold (of course, we are talking here about all parts of) in about 60 million copies of, Lara has become an icon pop culture and heroine films, cartoons and books. You know the Angelina Jolie version, but someone remembers Ron Mitra, the first official model of the game?

Tomb Raider is one game from the 90s, everything else in our computer childhood is second. This is not the top ten cheap games – this is the breath to which we have the greatest feelings. Plus Lara Croft, you know.

The fastest racing car in the world waited in the 90s for four views: Road & Track Presents: the Need for Speed (1994), Need for Speed II (1997), Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998) and Need for Speed: Road Challenge (1999). Today is the background, but when I got the unit, industry shaking car arcade from Sega may games.

Need for Speed stood out against their background versatility – the game from the 90s was not difficult, three-dimensional effects were surprising, well, the possibility of law enforcement along the beaches or in the Alps did their own. We’ve always taken Lamborghini Diablo. In addition, Need for Speed was a classic of the then gamers who brought the format of today’s YouTube into reality. Read: a typical Greg invited friends from the class to the game, and then an hour later showed his friends how the additional routes.

90’s games

Forget about the other parts of FIFA, we have something better for you. It means worse 90’s games, but more emotional. Yes, it’s reasonable football. Since the fourth part, the game has been released on Amiga and DOS, and it is the four, reasonable world of football that has probably been the most popular. It was possible to choose specific leagues and play in a few seasons, which as in 1994 was not so obvious. It’s nothing that the players looked like points. Championship Manager was much better, FIFA-known (especially 98!), but most of us started with Sensible anyway.

90's gamesIn the beginning came only on slot machines, but the dark glory of Mortal Kombat was so great that in the near future this title appeared in every home. To the horror of the parents, who were frightened by the degree of cruelty of the 90’s games. It was possible to play alone or in a duet, and most of those who played Mortal Kombat, the word credit today is not necessarily related to banking. In 1995 the film was released, but what is joy to watch as they fight others. FATALITY!

We are unable to say whether Baldur’s Gate really saved the much unpopular in the second half of the 90s. the RPG genre. We remember that gaming in the 90s from the first days of sale over this name All melted. Not surprisingly, because in those days it was incredibly epic, refined to the smallest detail of the game, in addition to the main storyline offered a number of side streams. That’s a lot to say here, Baldur’s Gate took away hundreds of hours of great tricks from us, during which we could do much cooler.

Gaming in the 90s

Although it is not. Not so many fun things, like playing Baldur’s gate. Before you hit the road, you need to assemble a team…

Gaming in the 90sApparently, Silent Hill was so climate, because the possibility of the first PlayStation would not run the visual fireworks, well, it is the Japanese gaming in the 90s of Konami put on the fog and dullness. Effect? For that apologized for all the shit from fear. Silent Hill was struck by the most delicate point of all, who is afraid of horror: nobody knew, where evil lurks. We are most afraid of the unknown, and this game confirms it. And already the real fun began when it was lit at night.

More innovative FPS was Doom, previously also released Wolfenstein 3D… but somehow the biggest 90 video games nostalgia engulfs us at Quake. Three-dimensional pattern relating to the literature (the player had to fight with the monster Coats-Niggurath, inspired by the works of the masters of horror H. P. Lovecraft) and music written by the then biggest star in the alternative, by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. But even better were the two, especially in the multiplayer version. They say that this title he laid the Foundation for e-sport.

90 video games

And here we assume that many of you probably still play Starcraft from time to time. Blizzard released the monster game in 1998, a name that changes the face of the 90 video games business, however, what we’re talking about here, as Starcraft sold 4.5 million examplers in South Korea’s 50 million. For such things came up with multiplayer.

90 video gamesYes, objectively it is, perhaps, one of the best games of that time. The axis of the lead was the hero Gordon Freeman, a silent 90s games man with a crowbar who didn’t play heroism but simply tried to get away from the black Mesa complex. A lot of tension, an amazing plot (the intrigue was very expanded), demanding opponents and really thick atmosphere – we played it like wild. And to think that for Valve Studio, Half-Life was a debut!

We’re a little overreacting, because this game was released in 1989, but let’s agree – we tend to associate it with the cheapest. It wasn’t just a platformer; the main character, and basically its animation, was based on the movements of a real person, a certain David Captured – Jordan’s brother, the game’s developers. Within an hour it was necessary to release the Princess from the hands of the vizier, so the vision of the struggle for the woman only shot the then gamers. Years later, the film was shot, but today is a good 90s games day, and we won’t spoil it by writing about bad things.

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