Let’s go back to Fallout 3 for a while

The latest Bethesda game is opened with a pathetic, colorful movie full of beautiful slogans about the need to extend the human species, introduce a new order, rebuild the world and similar platitudes. This is not even an intentional joke, because at the end of the intro smiling jegoście marched towards the sun starting from the shelter. As if mutants and beasts did not prowl behind the gates, only green grass grew … unthinkable, yet!

Let’s go back to Fallout 3 for a while, in which Bethesda was still sticking to the brand’s style. The game world was very dark and spectacularly climatic. For example: mutants caught on dialogue talked about how long to cook human meat. Many of the buildings taken over by them could easily be used as locations for horror movies: trolleys filled with flesh, human balls hung from bullets, walls smeared with viscera, heads sapped on rods and so on.

A 12-14-year-old girl appears on the screen.

The player avatar has to hunt her, rape her, and finally quart her. This is the story of one of the popular computer games among youth.  A 12-14-year-old girl appears on the screen.

Setting people on fire, cutting off their heads and urinating on corpses or car races, in which the one who manages to drive as many people as possible – on such “games” spends hours of many teenagers, sometimes even children. According to the psychologist doctor Andrzej Augustynek, computer games are the psychosis of the 21st century. – They can cause delusion and detachment from the real world. It also happens that players observe certain patterns of behavior, such as violence, and then transfer them to the real world – a psychologist enumerates.

The most vulnerable to learning aggression are children between 6 and 10 years of age.

It usually starts inconspicuously, from computer games in which the world of the child quickly drips completely. Later on, it is the turn of the network, which thanks to the connected computer give the opportunity to face the virtual space with other hungry users of bloody entertainment. You can not see the difference – people addicted to games treat the virtual reality as seriously as possible. If they win, they are accompanied by euphoria, when they lose, they sometimes fall into depression – says prof. Mariusz Jędrzejko from Mazowiecki Center for Addiction Prevention.

I used to talk to a 14-year-old boy who, under the influence of games, started to use violence against his peers.

He did not see the difference between the virtual and real world and convinced me that nothing like that happens. He thought that even if he hurt somebody, just like in the game – just turn it on again and the opponent will be in full strength again – says the professor. Brutal computer games affect the young person’s psyche even more strongly than the films he watches.

The game is interactive, so its participants themselves become the perpetrators of virtual violence, deciding, for example, how to kill an opponent. And creators’ ingenuity has no limits. – I saw a game, for example, where a girl appears on the monitor, about 12-14 years old. The player avatar has to hunt her down, rape her, and finally quart her – describes the controversial storyline of Dr. Andrzej Augustynek.

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