Ten Of The Best Mortal Kombat Fatalities Ever

Mortal Kombat-a series of fighting games in which one of the hallmarks were the so-called Fatalities, that is, spectacular and bloody blows ending in this fight. Here are ten of those that we thought were the cruelest. Our material about najbrutalniejszych Fatalities in the Mortal Kombat series, you can see in full glory above in the form. In the text we have placed only screenshots and their description.

Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)The Mortal Kombat series has been with us since 1992. It was 27 years ago that her first game appeared on slot machines, which instantly became famous primarily because of the powerful dose of violence and realistic, as in those years, the template used. In the game, almost every moment we have witnessed very cruel blows, beheadings and buckets of blood, splashing on all sides. This dose of violence, especially are highlighted in bold strokes ending that could be done after the defeat of the enemy. These attacks, called Fatalities, have become one of the business cards of the cycle. Today we decided to take a look at 10 of the most courageous of them.

The statement starts with a real classic, namely an attack that has already appeared in the first installment of the series and is performed by sub-zero – one of the most popular heroes in Mortal’s history. This ice-wielding ninja warrior puts on simplicity – his most characteristic Lethality is to deprive the enemy’s head… along with the spine. Simple, effective and long-lasting. Unsurprisingly, this trick is also back in a few more parts of the game.

Kung Lao (Mortal Kombat 9) – You know the character of Oddjob, one of the opponents of James bond in the film Goldfinger? This villain used his hat as a weapon. A similar solution in too Kung Lao, and his killer headdress is used in the above Lethality. The warrior throws the twisted hat to the ground and then stretches the opponent through it-cutting it into two bloody pieces.

Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat 9)

Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat 9)Quan Chi made its debut in the 1997 game Mortal Kombat 4, which is the first three-dimensional part of the series. This is a wizard, and, therefore, a character who is not identified with the power of the physical. His Fatalities are not powstydziłyby, but the heroes are much stronger and more muscular. The magician pulls out his opponenty limb and begins to put it on your head for as long as the skull will not crack.

Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat II) – Another wizard, but still spectacular Ten Of The Best Mortal Kombat Fatalities Ever. Shang Tsung takes over the body of the enemy and explodes it from the inside, why comrade spectacular explosion of blood and everything else that remains of the unfortunate. Today, this finisher does not make such an impression of an outdated frame (Mortal Kombat II is almost 26 years old), but at the time of launch it was something really memorable.

Noob Saibot (Mortal Kombat 9) – This is definitely one of the most creative attacks ending in the history of the Mortal Kombat series. Noob Saibot calls his clone and with it they grab the enemy’s legs and arms, and then tear it into two parts. The real icing on the cake here is triumphant outside of the warrior-along with his copy he keeps the remnants from the torn enemy.

Ermac (Mortal Kombat X) – And since we’re at creative finiszerach, this time is very witty Fatalities from Mortal Kombat X performed by Ermaca. The warrior uses their skills and using telekinesis lifts the opponent into the air, where several times he dials, and then… he pulls the guts out through his mouth, takes it in a little cramp and kicks it to the ground. To cons dead opponent all the time hanging in the background, like a Ghost doll.

Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat X)

Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat X)The exact opposite is the attack performed by johnny cage in the same part of the game. Ne has too much grace in it, it’s a lot of strength and violence. Cage knocks the enemy to the ground, grabs his head and begins to instantly hit him on the ground until his face will not be only a bloody pulp.

Smoke (Mortal Kombat 9) – The first few seconds of exceptionally ugly. Here, the Smoke, touching two fingers to the forehead of the enemy. This, however, is a Mortal Kombat series, so this is obviously not the end. After a while, the opponent starts to literally boil from within, and we have witnessed his disappearing skin and screams that, as sensitive players, can revive nightmares.

Mileena (Mortal Kombat X) – Looking at Milina, you might think that her main weapon is two SAI daggers. How dangerous, however, her teeth hiding under the hood. And they play an important role in Lethality as the exact name “Tasty Treat”, which means”Delicious Delicacy”. Mileena literally tears the opponent’s stomach with her bare hands and then begins to consume his insides when he is still alive. Ow!

Triborg (Mortal Kombat X) – Here, developers and artists from the Studio NetherRealm seduced themselves with maximum creativity. Fatalities performed Triborga is not only unusual, but can not deny him a little bit… humor’s. The cyborg warrior transforms here into a real death machine, which attracts the enemy, links with a hook to a rotating saw blade, and then slowly crushes his body, squeezing them into the shape of a small cube in which you can clearly see the face of the unfortunate…

This year the Mortal Kombat series returns due to the next, eleventh, already views. The game debuts in April 2019 on PC And PlayStation 4 and Xboksie One consoles, and in the future also on Nintendo Switch. You can expect even better and more realistic graphic design, combined with developer experience, this time we’ll get even more glamorous and brutal finishers. Some anticipation of this was the debut trailer for Mortal Kombat 11, which was unveiled during the 2018 Game Awards event.

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