To the fact that the kids who reach the library are very excited

Such images cause havoc in the psyche of young people. – Once, we were approached by 6-year-olds who were to paint how they imagine the school of their dreams – recalls Jadwiga Lech from the Municipal Public Library. – I was dumbfounded when I saw in a drawing one of the toddlers flying projectiles and bombs, which, as the boy said, they were about to explode and kill the monkeys, which he also painted.

To the fact that the kids who reach the library are very excitedI could not understand where in such a small boy there could be so much aggression – he shakes his head in disbelief. Mrs. Jadwiga suspects that the behavior of a child could have been the result of using aggressive computer games from an early age and watching violent movies. To the fact that the kids who reach the library are very excited and sometimes even aggressive, Mrs. Jadwiga has already got used to it. – I think some come to us when they get a barrier to use the computer at home. They probably hope that if there are computers, they will be able to play with us – says the librarian.

Theoretically, kids can not play violent shooters in the library. It turns out, however, that their jam is so great that sometimes they even manage to overcome the barriers created by security guards. – When we approach to check what they are doing, they immediately frighten and pretend that they are doing something completely different – says Jadwiga Lech. – We try to avoid such situations, because games do not lead to anything good. All you need to do is look at what happened in Denver – the librarian is answering.

I am a Joker. The tragedy that took place last week at the Batman night premiere, shook not only America. In the shooting, which was made by the 24-year-old James Holmes, 12 people were killed and 58 injured. The bomber appeared in the cinema in goggles, a gas mask and a black bulletproof vest. It did not arouse anyone’s suspicion, because there were plenty of people dressed as Batman in the hall. The bomber appeared in the cinema in goggles

After stopping, Holmes told the police that he was a Joker (a mad criminal from films about Batman who had murdered people in an elaborate manner – ed.). According to Professor Mariusz Jędrzejki, the assassin exhibits symptoms of the so-called depersonalization. – Media reports show that he was fascinated by films about Batman, and that in his case the boundary between reality and fiction could have blurred.

It may have seemed to him that he was in fact the hero of the film and therefore committed a crime – believes Professor Jędrzejko. The media has speculated that Holmes’s desperate move could have pushed the brutal computer games he was a fan of.

Sometimes aggressive behaviors from the virtual world transfer to everyday life.

The boundaries between these two worlds blur so much that they even blow in the same way as the heroes of their favorite games do – says the professor. – Anyway, it happened in history that the game fan went a step further, killing in the real world – he adds. This was during the high-profile massacre at Columbine High School near Denver in April 1999. Two teenage school students shot twelve peers and one teacher, and 24 people injured. The perpetrators committed suicide before the police arrived.

One of the teenage murderers left notes, which showed that his goal is to destroy everything that stands in his way. He claimed that he must turn off his feelings and kill every creature he encountered with cold blood, just like the monsters of Doom, in which he played with passion. Extreme case of addiction to games with which Prof. Jędrzejko, is an 11-year-old boy who was convinced that he is the Big Mandorf – the hero of his favorite computer game.

Parents were disturbed by the fact that the son sits in his room for hours and that he becomes more and more like the hero he was fascinated with.

When the boy appeared in my office, he was wearing a mum’s coat too much for a long time, a headgear reminiscent of the Star Wars hero, and he had a painted broomstick in his hand and claimed it was a luminous sword. He even moved exactly like his hero – recalls the professor. Initially, the boy did not react when the therapist addressed him differently than: The Great Mandorfie.

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